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Company EllementArts

"The flow of life is so beautiful, strong and magical, yet the only thing we really have is the present moment. The here and now. We can realize that the river itself is art - Let's be art ourselves ..." 

(from the text: The journey of the water drop)


A collective of young professional stage artists from Bern has come together to create this unique project. Company EllementArts is an interdisciplinary circus, dance, music, movement, theater company in the field of contemporary circus with the goal of creating sustainable, nature-inspired stage art that unites different art forms in an innovative way, both nationally and internationally.

We are inspired by the qualities of nature and the different elements (fire, water, earth, air). We specifically want to address the issues of climate change and environmental protection and create a positive change.

With poetic images we talk about different current topics and want to touch our audience and make them think.


We deliberately choose outdoor venues so that the performances are accessible to different audiences. In addition, site specific projects are also organized to bring the audience closer to nature and to combine the beauty of nature with performing arts. Contemporary circus, dance, poetry and self-composed live music are used to create a dialogue.


Compagnie EllementArts was founded in January 2023 by Anja Marina Habegger and a collective of dancers and artists.

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