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Association Compagnie EllementArts


The association Compagnie EllementArts was founded in January 2023.

We are ainterdisciplinary circus-dance-music-movement theater company in the field of contemporary circus with the aim of creating sustainable, nature-inspired stage art that combines different art genres in an innovative way both nationally and internationally. The focus is on the development/production and performance of plays in the field of performing arts (performances intheatres, open-air venues, circus tents...) who used the qualities of nature for their first productions.


The aim is an exchange of different art forms and a cultural enrichment of the canton of Bern, Switzerland and internationally. Outdoor venues are deliberately chosen so that the performances are accessible to different audiences. Site-specific projects are also organized to bring the public closer to nature and to combine the beauty of nature with the performing arts. The association is politically and religiously neutral. The association does not pursue any commercial purposes and does not strive for profit. The bodies work on a voluntary basis.


Board of directors:

Momoko Gremli (President)

Torsten Steen (Vice President)

Lisa Essig (Secretariat)

Susanna Kaderli (accounting)



Cristina Stefan


Anja Habegger (Artistic Director)

Ingrid Adler (dramaturgy, co-director)

show team:

Anja Habegger

Mara Kaderli

Alena Lasser

Zoe Wiedmer

Milena Lippuner

Salome Aebersold

Costumes/Set Design:

Katja Habegger (Costume Design)

Tabea Aebersold (costume dressmaker)

Torsten Steen (stage design)


Bank details:

IBAN (International Bank Account Number):

 CH75 0079 0016 6090 7123 9 

Bank details: Berner Kantonalbank AG, 3001 Bern

Address: Trimsteinstrasse 44, 3076 Worb

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